Logos for personal use include those which would be used by an individual, business, kennel, stable, etc. to establish identity. A personal logo is mainly used for advertising, web site identity, business cards, letterheads, etc.  Commercial licensing rights are not included with a personal logo, as the intent is not to market products based upon the art work, or to raise funds using the design.  The completed logo becomes the property of the individual or business commissioning the work and is not resold for use by others, either by the artist or the entity that commissions the work.

Personal logos can be any style that the client requests.  They can range from soft detailed pencil or colored pencil, fine point pen & ink, to a more bold graphic logo style.  When considering a personal logo, think of the feeling or mood that would best capture the subject.

Anything is possible!

Personal logo examples follow.  They present an overview of many styles.  Click and scroll for a larger view.