Australian Shepherd Moving B/W - Non-exclusive Commercial Use License .png


Australian Shepherd Moving B/W - Non-exclusive Commercial Use License .png


Australian Shepherd trotting .png image.  Image + commercial use license.

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Australian Shepherd Moving B/W - Non-exclusive Commercial Use License

Commercial images may be used to produce and market products for resale.

Download size 196 KB - .png file

Dimensions: 2450 x 1558 pixels/8.167" x 5.194"

Available by digital download only, upon purchase, you will receive a unique code to download the commercial art file and non-exclusive commercial use license. The code is good for 24 hours, so please redeem promptly.  Data charges from your internet provider may apply.

  • The licensee is granted a unique identifying license code to accompany and validate authorized use of this image. The code will be recorded and on file with the artist, in the event that the licensee misplaces and requires the information at a later date.
  • The artist retains the original copyright to this image.  Licensee retains non-exclusive commercial use license.
  • Selling and/or redistribution of this image for reproduction by third parties is forbidden.  The license does not include rights to package and re-market the image as part of a collection for resale.
  • Licensee is allowed to crop and/or electronically re-size the image to suit their purposes for the usage and period stated above. Resultant image modifications may be used by licensee under the same terms and duration as original agreement. The derived image(s) may not be shared, sold, distributed, or marketed for use to third parties for their subsequent use.

Examples of usage would be the creation of products for signage, conversion for embroidery, logo incorporation, and multiple methods of decorating items for sale to the public.

The image comes with a non-exclusive, non-transferable license.  The image file and license may not be resold or shared, either individually or as part of a package, as the license is non-transferable.